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Benjamin Moore Yellow Finch

Benjamin Moore Yellow Finch


When Pat removed the mirror from our hallway to start paint prep, we found the following words scribbled in sharpie:

Benjamin Moore "Yellow Finch"

I finally had it. The color that has been haunting my dreams for almost a year finally had a name. That name is Benjamin Moore Yellow Finch.

Guess what color our living room is? You guessed it: Benjamin Moore Yellow Finch.


What about the kitchen? "Surely it's a different color," you say. NOPE. It's Benjamin Moore Yellow Finch.

*screaming internally*

*screaming internally*

What about the upstairs hallway? Maybe they went with something more neutral? HELL NO. Benjamin Moore Yellow Finch.

And the bedrooms? Were those spared, at the least?

And I will tell you: no. They were not spared. Benjamin. Moore. Yellow. Finch.


It is somehow both aggressively yellow and incredibly boring, with slightly green and gray/beige ("greige," if you will) undertones.

It says, "Hey! I'm yellow and sunny! I'll make your house bright and cheerful!" when really it takes all the sunlight and throws it in the garbage.

It reminds me of the color someone's face turns before they get violently ill.

It's Benjamin Moore Yellow Finch, and I can't wait to see it gone.

This blog post was brought to you by my (Katie's) dislike of the color Benjamin Moore Yellow Finch. I have nothing against Benjamin Moore, and I'm sure their other products are lovely and work very well. I just really don't like this color.

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