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Loveseats to Pair with the West Elm Eddy Sofa

Loveseats to Pair with the West Elm Eddy Sofa


One of the things I don't want to fall victim to (and that I'm prone to do, out of laziness) is buying all of my furniture and home goods from one store. For me that store is West Elm.

You probably knew that already. 

West Elm products look great, but they are on the higher end of "affordable decor" and, to be honest, I have encountered a couple of duds. Plus, floor-to-ceiling West Elm doesn't exactly scream "I put thought into this," so I'm constantly trying to diversify my go-to shops.

Once we got rid of our oversized armchair we finally had enough space for a sofa. We chose the West Elm Eddy Sofa because it fit our budget and we liked the feather gray ready-to-ship color.


West Elm Eddy Sofa

  • Price: $999 (we purchased it on sale with free shipping, so it was more like $700)
  • Width: 82"
  • Height: 33"

The low profile and clean lines of the Eddy Sofa made it our first choice. We purchased it and crossed our fingers, hoping it would be comfortable. The Eddy Sofa isn't the comfiest couch I've ever sat on - it has basically no lumbar support - but it does the job. I'll put it this way: it's a very good party couch, but it's not a great "lounge all day" couch. In the end that was what we wanted, and we're happy with our purchase.

The Search for a New Loveseat: Our Criteria

Now that we have a new couch, we are looking to replace the hand-me-down leather loveseat that we currently have. Our criteria for the replacement:

  • Must have a design to complement the Eddy Sofa
  • Bottom must be raised off the ground, like the Eddy Sofa
  • Can't be significantly taller than the Eddy Sofa, which is only 33" tall
  • Should fit a small space, around 65" wide or less
  • Be conscious of budget (under $1000 seemed reasonable to us)

I scoured the internet looking for love seats. As I scrolled through hundreds of options, I wondered if our criteria was too limiting. To my surprise, I found 5 sofas that I would consider buying.

Although I'm not ready to buy a new loveseat right this minute (we have to buy gutters first), I thought it might be helpful to others to share what I found.

Side note: no, I haven't purchased any of these loveseats or sat in them myself. Yes, shipping might put some of these pieces at over $1000. Use your own discretion! 


Dwell Home Sofa 2 Go Parlour Loveseat

  • Price: $690 regular price ($456 at time of post)
  • Width: 60"
  • Height: 33"

This couch is currently my front-runner. If I did buy it, I would purchase different legs - maybe through Pretty Pegs, which I discovered today. I love the casual vibe, the exaggerated seams, it's the smallest couch at 60" wide, and ... that price. It's currently under $500, so this couch seems too good to be true. To be fair, it might be: it only has one review, and it's 3 out of 5 stars. I still might go for it, though.


Modway Empress Loveseat

  • Price: $677 at time of post
  • Width: 72.5"
  • Height: 35"

I know, I know. This goes WAY over the limit of 65" wide. But at this price point, I feel like I had to include it. It's an affordable modern sofa and the legs mirror the Eddy sofa well. I think anyone would mistake it another West Elm piece. Just because we don't have room for this love seat doesn't mean no one else will!


I Love Living Astoria Austria Fabric Loveseat

  • Price: $999 at time of post
  • Width: 65.5"
  • Height: 31.5"

Although it's the most expensive sofa on this list, this sofa has pillowy-looking cushions and positive reviews. And technically it's under $1000. I think this sofa looks like it's at least twice that price. Personally, I prefer the straight sofa legs to the angled sofa legs, but I think this couch looks so inviting and stylish that no one would care. I don't.


Ikea Norsborg Loveseat

  • Price: $579
  • Width: 60.5"
  • Height: 33.5"

Gotta love Ikea. The Norsborg loveseat is another compact sofa that manages to combine comfy-looking cushions with clean lines. This is another sofa that would benefit greatly from different legs, but otherwise it seems promising. Plus it has nifty side pockets to store remotes and other items.


Article Ceni Loveseat

  • Price: $799
  • Width: 61"
  • Height: 31"

My sister has an Article couch and she loves it, so I always go over and check what they have. Most of their sofas seem wide and luxurious, so I was surprised that the Ceni loveseat was just over 60" wide. And at 31" tall, it's fairly low to the ground. I feel that the dimensions would pair well with the Eddy. Bonus: it comes in several ready-to-ship colors.

You'll notice there are no leather options. With the $1000 budget limit, leather wasn't happening. I'm okay without a leather couch. Although they look great, we have so much natural wood in our home (wood floors, wood furniture, etc.), it's nice to get away from anything else that is brown.

I also created a Pinterest-friendly chart below to help sort out all these sofas on-the-fly. To be secretly helpful, I also tried to size the images to scale so you can see how they compare to the Eddy.

I hope you found this guide helpful! Have a favorite one? Let me know inn the comments. And if you are a fellow Eddy Sofa owner and have more pairing suggestions, feel free to write them in the comments, too.

Happy loveseat hunting! 

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