Secondhand Furniture Find: Green Mid-Century Modern Chairs at Gideon's Gallery


As I scrolled through Instagram earlier this week, a post from a local secondhand shop, Gideon's Gallery, caught my eye:

Green with envy πŸ’šπŸ˜ #mcm

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Some context: Pat and I had been talking about adding more seating to our living room. Neutral colors dominate the space right now. Although we love the versatility of neutrals, we also loved the idea of adding our favorite color - green - into the mix.

Now, a word of warning: if your budget is tight and your taste is particular, the pickings are slim for green chairs. Green isn't a popular color for decorating at the moment, and because of that, the color selection is narrow. We saw lots of mint green (very trendy right now), lime green, sea foam green, forest green, and olive green. Nothing fit what we had in mind.

We considered lots of styles, but we knew we wanted something mid-century/Scandinavian modern. This chair from Article caught our eye, but they were just too damn expensive. My dad advised that we consider the "price per ass" for any seating (thanks, Dad). $600 per ass was not in our budget. Also: we wanted two matching chairs, so dropping $1200 on chairs felt absurd.

As soon as I scrolled past those chairs on Instagram, I immediately sent a DM to Pat. And as if I wasn't sold on them already, I found the price on the Gideon's Gallery inventory: $100 for the pair. (I now understand why people shop vintage and secondhand.)

We made a plan: after work, let's pick up the truck go grab those chairs before they sell!

We made it to the shop about an hour before closing. We were greeted by three guys who offered us coffee and tea, asked if we had been there before (the answer: nope), and directed us to look around and ask them any questions.

I was too anxious to ask if they had been sold already and I figured green chairs would be easy to spot, so I just said "thanks!" and went straight to the showroom in the back.

About halfway through the room, I spotted them, tucked away in the back-right corner. In the photos, the fabric presented as a cool green, verging on a teal. But in person the chairs were a vibrant and true grass-like green. They were perfect.


Since we knew we were taking the chairs home, we took some time to look around the showroom. We were blown away by the selection. Had we been in the market for a dining table, dresser, or a bookcase, we probably would have walked away with at least one other item.

Unfortunately, we were only there for the chairs that day. We paid for the chairs, the guys took them to our truck for us, and we took them home.

As for the condition of the chairs: there are some minor stains on the cushions that are barely noticeable and some scratching on the frames, but nothing that can't be repaired or cleaned. The cats have really taken to shedding all over them, which is causing a minor headache (we quickly purchased a Furminator brush). But overall, I couldn't be happier with this find. The next challenge is styling these green chairs - but that's for a future post.

As for Gideon's Gallery: if you live in Syracuse and you haven't checked them out yet, I would recommend paying them a visit. They have a great selection and I was blown away at the affordable pricing. You can find Gideon's Gallery on Instagram and Facebook, and they list their whole inventory on their website.