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Inspiration Post: Exterior Paint Colors for Colonial Revival Homes

Inspiration Post: Exterior Paint Colors for Colonial Revival Homes

If you follow us on Instagram (which you should!), you know that we just signed a contract to paint our house this year!

This is exciting for a number of reasons:

  1. We don’t have to do it ourselves and the sense of relief is overwhelming

  2. We don’t like the current paint color scheme on our house

  3. We’re excited to pick out paint colors!

On day 1 we knew we would repaint the house soon. So I have been saving Instagram photos and Pinterest pins for a while trying to find paint schemes I liked. I thought I would share them with you!

Traditional Exterior Colors for Colonial Revivals

Much of my research into traditional paint colors for Colonial Revivals (especially Dutch Colonial Revivals) recommends that the exterior should be painted in light or pale colors. You can read this guide from Boston Building Resources and this article from Old House Online for more information.

Our main issues with an light paint scheme is that our house doesn’t have much room for contrast. We don’t have shutters and most of our windows were replaced with stark-white vinyl before we moved in. White or light color schemes need contrast to break up the monotony; we don’t have many opportunities to do so.

But there’s hope! Many local Dutch Colonials break this “traditional” light paint scheme, as you can see from this guide for Berkeley Park, a nearby historic district in Syracuse. And as much as I love historic accuracy … it’s 2019. We have more options open to us now. Why not use them?

Okay, enough talk. Ready for the pretty pictures? Let me know what one is your favorite in the comments at the bottom or on this post on Instagram!

Edit: I removed the first series of images because I’m trying to be better about re-posting copyrighted images. I’ve linked their descriptions and sources below. Please go check them out and pin them from their original source!

Colonial House Paint Ideas from Other Websites

  • Navy Blue Dutch Colonial-Style Farmhouse with Cedar Roof from Hendel Homes, found via Becki Owens

  • Blue colonial revival with a deep red door. Photo by Eric Roth, found via Old House Online

  • Gray colonial with white trim and aqua blue door. Photo by Ken Gutmaker, found via This Old House

Colonial House Exterior Paint Ideas from Instagram

I’ve embedded the posts below along with their original source. Please go visit these original creators and give them a follow!

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